Welcome to the homestore for one of the most gifted musicians

of our time. Here you will soon be able to easily access over

300 songs from this reclusive, autistic who's widely-considered

the industry's best-kept secret: working without interest in notoriety

or financial profit, his considerable talents have written and

produced for the most recognized and popular artists.

His savant skills for more than 20 instruments allows him to fully

compose and record every element of every song and create an

intimate, holistic sound that is as touching as it is versatile.

The genres themselves are as numerous as the works.

Revel in the passionate music of a rare breed.

As this music is especially-engineered and mastered for it,

we recommend that you employ APPLE HARDWARE

(especially headphones) for all listening, including sampling

these titles below online. Any/all other hardware may result

in less-than-ideal/optimum acoustic quality/enjoyment.

We are working diligently populating the site with any/all of SUGARFALL's music

Please be patient in the interum.

You can find as many as 100+ titles of the artist's music at

ITUNES, SPOTIFY, GOOGLE MUSIC (and numerous other locations) 


is the name given by the artist to

describe the seven 'lifetimes' he

perceives he has lived in his 51 years.

Each of these is marked by a distinct

and dramatic change in geography,

lifestyle, wealth and those

immediately around him.

The last and most current of

these punctuates how -- in each of

the 7 -- he's been unable to discover

"any tangible proof there is enough

innocence to mankind to save us

from cruelty."